Meditation Workshop

The main goal in meditation and any other authentic spiritual practice is to gradually stop the mental agitation and discover the truth that lies beyond it. Some have called it the Ultimate Truth or the Absolute Consciousness, the Supreme Self or God.

This workshop is both for beginners and more advanced practitioners
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Detox technique

Shank Prakshalana gives an inner purification, cleanses out, releases tensions and gives the inner organs a well-deserved rest.
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Awakening the Heart

March 2023 | Awakening the Heart is a special workshop that will help you to get in connection with your own heart and ability to love.
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Sacred Eroticism

October 2022 | Our erotic energy is a vast resource that can transform us profoundly, if used wisely, making us more happy and fulfilled.
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Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming Workshop

May 2021 | Half-day workshop to understand the Astral world for the potential of adventurous explorations, self-healing, and personal growth.
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Learn to Meditate

January 2019 | Meditation is a genius method to free ourselves from the confines of our own thinking mind.
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