Esoteric Tantra Yoga

Tantra is a spiritual path which suggests to live consciously and learn from everything life has to offer. Tantric adept does not deny or ignore any aspects of life – he aims to become fully conscious in all actions. This course will help you to find spiritual meaning and lessons in every aspect of life, so that life itself becomes your greatest teacher.

Tantra is known as a path of living detached yet fully engaged with the world, and is suited for those who aim to use every life situation as an opportunity for growth.

Unlike other spiritual paths which deny or renounce worldly desires & eroticism, Tantra encourages that all of life’s experiences should be lived fully, consciously, and courageously. Through the power of awareness, every situation and challenge becomes an opportunity for transformation. And you are capable of transforming any part of life that you choose.

In this course, we approach Tantra as both a genuine spiritual path and one of the most efficient systems for transformation and personal development.


“Nobody can reach perfection using boring and difficult techniques. Perfection can easily be achieved through the completely controlled and aware satisfaction of our desires.”

You will learn tools and methods that can transform every area of your life with proper and persevering practice. You don’t even have to believe it at first, if you try, you will see for yourself!

This course explores spiritual principles in an academic way, even linking these to the latest discoveries of modern biology, psychology, and physics (mechanics, electro-magnetics, and quantum physics).

Why ‘Esoteric’?

The word ‘esoteric’ comes from the Greek esoterikos, meaning ‘within’. Esotericism underlines the discovery of the inner reality and the contemplation of the true nature of the Self. While this course places an emphasis on living in the intensity of life, the work is done on the inside, and the experience of life becomes a means to know oneself better.

The esoteric path points to the connection between everything that exists and to a direct and experiential way of knowing, while avoiding dogmatic or discursive explanations.

This ongoing course includes

  • Yogic Tools & Methods for Inner Transformation – Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (full yogic breath), Meditation, Creative Visualization, Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep) and more
  • Yama and Niyama – The moral and ethic conduct of spiritual life, essential for any personal growth
  • The Holographic Universe – The fascinating marriage of quantum science & millennial spirituality
  • Unique Revelations about Chakras – Specific psychology and characteristics of consciousness
  • Chakra Sadhana –  asanas (yoga postures), techniques & meditations for purifying & activating the highest qualities of each of the chakras (subtle energetic force centres)
  • Koshas – you will study and eventually perceive the subtle anatomy of the human being, including the energetic and mental layers (where thoughts & emotions manifest)
  • The Secrets of Kundalini – Our colossal life energy and greatest potential waiting to be awakened
  • Tantric Eroticism – The secret of erotic amorous continence
  • Tantric Inner Alchemy – including the well-known (but little understood) transmutation & sublimation of erotic energy, and how to direct it towards higher purposes
  • Laya Yoga – one of the most powerful forms of meditation, including initiation into a secret bija mantra
  • Maha Vidya Yoga – The 10 Great Cosmic Powers & their role and power in daily life
  • Tantric Magic & Rituals – transformation through the use of universal principles
  • Transfiguration – The secret key to see beyond the ordinary and expand through assimilation
  • Universal Principles for Accelerated Transformation – such as the principle of spontaneity, principle of acting without hesitation, principle of perceptive presence in the present moment, principle of accumulating energy, principle of action and reaction, the occult principle of rhythm and repetition
  • Mudras – Specific interior or exterior gestures that enhance specific qualities in our being
  • Consecration – Fundamental method of the Karma Yoga system to prevent karmic accumulations

Class Structure

In the first year, classes are 2 hours consisting of 45 minutes of theory, and 75 minutes of practice.

There are 39 classes in a year – 1 per week. Classes pause in July and August and resume in September each year.

New students must start in Year 1. Skipping years is not possible, because the later years build upon the foundations set in earlier years. The course is open for newcomers for six months into the first year.


Theory will be presented on various subjects.

In the first year you will learn about the Law of Resonance, the practice and effects of various ASANAs (postures), cleansing and purification techniques, Yoga Nidra (conscious yogic sleep). We will also present the art of consecration and complex understanding about the subtle force centers (chakras).

The first year also includes an initiation into Laya Yoga – a highly efficient meditation technique using the subtle sound of a secret mantra.


Initial awareness and warming-up exercises
The practice begins with an initial phase of awareness and warming up – to stretch the muscles, increase flexibility, and gently prepare the body to perform the various postures of ASANAS successfully.

The main YOGA techniques
Practice can include asanas, pranayama, meditation, and other techniques taught in the course.

The complete yogic relaxation
The complete yogic relaxation is an active, conscious relaxation of the entire being. It crystallises the results of the practice, creating long-lasting effects we can perceive even in daily life.


Each class includes

Weekly Course Materials
The course material includes detailed esoteric information about aspects of tantric philosophy specific for each class as well as descriptions of the techniques you will learn, and the effects of these techniques on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
Due to the depth of the courses, the materials often contain more information than what is possible to discuss in the class – so we highly recommend you to study and keep them!

Personal Guidance
You will be guided by experienced teachers who check and correct your postures and techniques in the practice.

Each class also includes time for questions and answers and group discussions. And you can also schedule 1-on-1 meetings with your teacher(s) for more personal advice on specific issues or life situations.

Join the Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course

New classes started in January 2024, but the course is open to newcomers for six months. You are welcome to join the course until June 2024, and your first class is for free. Here you find the prices and payment information for our courses.

This class is held on Tuesdays, 17:30 – 19:30 in Natha Yogacenter, and it is taught in English. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or sign up using the form.

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