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What is Yoga? If you ask this question, you might usually get the answer that yoga is a form of exercise, a way of movement that seems to improve your flexibility, and well-being and maybe give you a better body shape. But in fact, it is much more than that.

Have you considered trying yoga? This ancient practice has the potential to profoundly transform your life in many positive ways. It’s more than just physical movement; it can benefit your health, work, relationships, ethics, erotic life, willpower, confidence, and even your consciousness. The amount of yogic wisdom you choose to apply to your daily life is entirely up to you. Give it a try and see how it can benefit you.

Yoga offers the opportunity to connect with our true self and to listen to our essence which is ultimately a spark of the Divine. Although yoga is not a religion, it can lead us closer to spirituality and provide insight into life’s big questions such as “Who am I?”, “Where do I come from?”, and “What is my purpose in life?”.

It seems that you are already on a journey to seek answers and understand how this existence is shaped, as evidenced by your presence here. There are many gifts inherent within you, and yoga can provide the necessary tools to make use of them.


What sets this yoga course apart from others?

This yoga course stands out from others as it takes a distinctive approach to teaching and comprehending the principles of yoga. The instructor will lead you on this path, gradually introducing you to physical postures to balance your inner energy, relaxation techniques to reduce stress quickly, dietary recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, breathing techniques to calm your mind, and meditation techniques to connect with your inner self.

Each class is two hours long and is divided into a theoretical part that lasts for half an hour, where you will gain extensive knowledge about the topics mentioned above and much more. This section helps you understand the concepts which you will then apply in the practical part of the class, which lasts approximately 1,5 hours. Moreover, this comprehensive approach will help you integrate these techniques into your daily routine outside of class.


Who is it for?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this course is designed to accommodate both levels. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, and the curriculum is very profound, which makes it a must and a real benefit to start from year 1.

Your skill level in physical activity is not dependent on your ability to move and stretch your body. Do not allow any feelings of inadequacy to hinder you from exploring new challenges. Hatha Yoga, which is taught in Natha Yoga Center, allows the body to gradually adjust towards holding a certain ASANA, which is the Sanskrit name for yoga posture.

Students are welcome to participate in the yoga practice with their eyes closed and follow the teacher’s instructions. The focus is not on outward appearance, but on being attentive to and acknowledging the incredible inner workings of the refined subtle structure.

What does a class look like?


Presentation of the specific lesson, followed by a Q&A session.

Practice – containing three segments

Warming-up exercises

To increase the awareness and flexibility of the body, a set of well-defined exercises are performed, which stretch the muscles and help to enter into a beneficial state, erasing all unnecessary thoughts.

Practice of yoga postures (asanas) & yogic techniques

This is the main part, where yoga postures, pranayama (breathing techniques – taught later in the course), and meditations will be practised. Specific to Hatha yoga is that each asana will be held for a longer duration, from one to several minutes, to amplify or awaken certain energy centers (Chakras). After each asana, we will enter into an awareness phase to feel the subtle effects of the practice.

Yogic relaxation

It is necessary to have a deep yogic relaxation at the end of every yoga session, as it allows all the beneficial effects to settle in the subtle structure. Once this is done, you will feel perfectly balanced, nourished, and regenerated.

Course Materials

We provide written course materials to help students understand and apply yogic principles in their daily lives. To get the best results, it is highly recommended to have a consistent yoga practice outside of class. Each year of study consists of 46 academically structured lessons.

Personal guidance

During your practice, experienced teachers will provide guidance and correction on your postures and techniques. Additionally, each class offers time for group discussions and questions and answers. Remember, asking is the key to transformation! And your teachers are always happy to give you an advice for your path in yoga.

Join the Esoteric Integral Yoga Course

New classes starting in January 2024, but the course is open to newcomers for six months. You are welcome to join the course until June 2024, and your first class is for free. Here you find the prices and payment information for our courses.

This class is held on Mondays, 17:30 – 19:30 in Natha Yogacenter, and it is taught in English. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, or sign up using the form.

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