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Comprehensive training program on yoga, tantra and meditation, incorporating theories and practices from various esoteric traditions

Esoteric Tantra Yoga

Introduction Wednesday, 13 September at 17:30
This course offers a complete set of tools and methods that enable practitioners to expand their consciousness through transforming all life experiences into spiritual realisations, lessons, and understandings. It is an invitation to awaken now and to live life in full awareness, enjoying its amazing intensity and directly experiencing ecstatic happiness and freedom amid daily life.
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Esoteric Integral Yoga

Introduction Monday, 18 September at 17:30
The millennia-old tradition of yoga is a genuine path of self-discovery and finding one’s own answers to the fundamental questions in life. Through practising yoga we get closer to our true essence, the spark of immortal consciousness that is inherent in all of us. Yoga helps us to let go of overthinking, identification with different trends and false conditionings, and to embody Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, our core.
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Tantra for Women

Introduction Thursday, 12 October at 17:00
Tantra for Women is more than just a course. It is an inner adventure to discover and awaken the paradise within you – your feminine essence. It is a journey that offers the opportunity to overcome challenges and unlock your full potential. It is a chance to amplify the amazing qualities you already have and discover your unique gifts and talents.
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Upcoming workshop

Detox technique

1 day workshop. Shank Prakshalana is a process that cleanses the entire intestine system with saltwater and releases tensions to give the inner organs a well deserved rest.
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