Detox technique

Shank Prakshalana – 1 day workshop

Clean your entire digestive system with the ancient yogic technique Shank Prakshalana. This technique is a natural internal cleansing which is essential for maintaining a good physical, emotional and mental health, and enhances the quality of life.

Shank Prakshalana gives an inner purification, cleanses out, releases tensions and gives the inner organs a well-deserved rest. Shank Prakshalana is not only a physical process that cleanses the physical body. It also purifies the psyche, so you will feel the effects in your entire being as greater energy, lightness and happiness. Shank Prakshalana can give inspiration and a greater awareness on nutrition and even change old habits. In this way it gives an increased mental clarity and greater vitality.

Some of its benefits are:

  • Completely cleanses the intestines and stomach of toxins and impurities
  • Total cleansing of the digestive system, which leads to better absorption of food and to a harmonious weight
  • Removes problems related to the digestive system (indigestion, constipation, gas, bloating, and acidity).
  • Regenerates the intestinal flora.
  • 2-3 days afterwards: better breath, body smell and elimination of acne
  • Better sleep, bright clear eyes and skin
  • Increases concentration.
  • It gives strength and vigour to the organism.

How is it performed

The detox technique itself, involves you drinking salt water with the same salt concentration as in the body (0.9%), after which you do some simple yoga exercises that push the salt water through the intestines. The technique is COMPLETELY SAFE and can be performed by anyone, except in cases of diseases of the stomach.

It is done in a safe environment under competent guidance of a yoga teacher who has many years of experience with this technique, and who will explain the entire technique thoroughly and guide you through it.

Preparation and what to bring

It is important to come on an empty stomach, so don’t eat breakfast and no late meals the evening before. The purification happens usually easier if you eat lightly the entire day before, but do eat the day before as you need energy for the detox.

Bring warm clothes and even extra clothes as you will sweat during the detox and afterwards it is important to stay warm.

After the technique is done, you will get served your first meal, which will be white rice with boiled carrots and ghee / butter (tell us if you are vegan).

Things to consider after the technique 

24 hours after the detox you need to take care about your diet. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything raw. No spices nor meat or dairy products (except butter or ghee), so you can boil or bake vegetables and boil grains. So for your second meal at home you could make a soup without hot spices or bake vegetables and / or boil grains. Make sure you already have this at home as I can’t recommend going shopping after a detox.

You will most likely feel tired just after the purification. Because of the initial tiredness after the purification it is important to have the rest of the day off and maybe even the day after also, but soon afterwards you will feel regenerated with a new pure and strong vital force.