Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming Workshop

Go Beyond Physical Reality

Half-day workshop to understand the Astral world for the potential of adventurous explorations, self-healing, and personal growth.

 “A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.” 

In this workshop, we will aim to understand what the Astral world is, from a perspective of the Esoteric Yoga System, discovering its advantages and practical use for people in the 21st century. Having the knowledge of the unlimited options of the realm where physical laws and chemical reactions can be bend, is a ticket to a place of adventurous explorations, self-healing, and personal growth with no borders, enjoying the benefits of living consciously in other level of existence besides the physical one.

The focus will go towards understanding the layers of our mental structure and realizing the mechanisms behind astral projections and lucid dreaming. You will receive helpful tools to progress in this practice, enriching all areas of life.

This workshop is led by our Tantra Yoga teacher, Jitka Stara.

It is possible to join in person at Natha Yoga Center Reykjavík or via Zoom.

Sunday, 2 May, 13:00 to 18:00
Price: 9,000 kr. (Natha students: 7,000 kr.)
Vegan refreshments and tea included.

Please contact Jitka at mentioning if you would like to join in person or via Zoom. 

Jitka has been spontaneously dreaming in a lucid way since early childhood. From a spontaneity to a systematic approach, she has been exploring the astral world, from the desires of a child to a spiritual practice of an aspirant towards continuous transformation. Together with her realizations and acquired knowledge through study and practice of the ancient scientific system of tantra yoga for more than 7 years, Jitka has collected rich amount of experience that she is sharing through workshops and lectures.

Looking forward to seeing you!