Meditation Workshop

Saturday 25. November 2023 at 13 – 16

Discover Your Inner Treasures

Each of us contains a huge dormant potential inside of our being, waiting for us to discover it.

The main goal in meditation and any other authentic spiritual practice is to gradually stop the mental agitation and discover the truth that lies beyond it. Some have called it the Ultimate Truth or the Absolute Consciousness, the Supreme Self or God.

This workshop is both for beginners and more advanced practitioners of meditation that would like to understand the esoteric side of meditation and receive impulses and techniques for further practice.

Come in comfortable clothes for the meditative exercises. Bring a note book to note down the key points and exercises for further practice at home.

Tea and water will be available.

PRICE: 9.900,-

Early bird latest 15. November PRICE: 7.900,-

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Some of the benefits of meditation:

  • Clarity and Efficiency in Action

Through meditation we develop the ability to take back our power to choose and stick to one path of action. Over time, it helps us to remove “self-sabotage” – contradictory thoughts, emotions and tendencies that pull us in different directions.

  • Happiness & Well-Being

Meditation helps us to profoundly relax, relieve stress and worries, and regenerate. This frees an increased amount of energy, and even influences our health in a beneficial way.

Through meditation we can discover our inner source of profound peace, happiness, euphoric contentment, freedom and expansion, and access it independently of outer circumstances.

  • More Surplus and Energy

Every thought consumes a huge amount of our energy, and an uncontrolled attention leaves us tired. Meditation helps us learn how to turn the mind off when it’s not needed, so all of that energy can be put to a much better and efficient use.

  • Presence & Emotional Intimacy

Meditation helps us to live a much more conscious life, truly living in the present moment and in the heart, being connected with the universal source of love and unity.

Being centered and deeply in touch with ourselves makes us able to connect to others from the heart and create much more harmonious, loving and intimate relationships with others.

  • Spiritual Transformation & Self-Discovery

Meditation allows us to discover our inner potentials and gain self-knowledge, and gradually reveal our innermost essence, our Supreme Immortal Self, Atman.

We gradually discover the answers to existential questions, and directly experience the hidden aspects of reality for ourselves.