Awakening the Heart

We want to invite you to Awaken your Heart in a three-month workshop full of life-changing wisdom and practical techniques.

The meetings will take place in a relaxed atmosphere on seven Sunday afternoons at Natha Yoga Center. We will talk about selected topics connected to love and the spiritual heart, and practice simple yoga postures and meditations which help to awaken a state of pure, unconditional love in us.

Through the duration of the three months, we will be able to notice a clear transformation in our being. When we are truly connected and settled in our spiritual heart, we are experiencing life more balanced and in a state of pure love, joy, and harmony.

Join our three-month workshop to awaken your spiritual heart!
On 7 Sunday afternoons from March to June, from 16:00-18:00.

Dates: 26.03., 02.04., 16.04., 30.04., 07.05., 21.05., 04.06.2023

Price: 18.000 kr; 10% reduction for students of Natha Yoga Center

For more information and registration please contact