What can I expect from practicing Tantra?

As aspirants seeking to become tantric practitioners, we always start from where we are, by gradually developing a correct Tantric attitude to life. This attitude combines attention with relaxed awareness that expands from the physical body towards more  subtle perceptions.

Processes that have appeared mysterious until now will slowly start to reveal themselves in intuitions and glimpses of direct knowledge. The habit of experiencing life mostly from the mind (which is why Western man is referred to in some cultures as ‘a head with a body’) will grow into a wider perspective, which is more experiential
and less speculative, integrating the fundamental energies discovered with the help of the chakras and the resonance process.

Thus, you will gradually become aware of the needs of your being, expressed in the physical body and then you can genuinely choose what you want to do next. Moreover, you become gradually aware of all the consequences of your actions
upon the body, experiencing this as concrete feelings inside you that transmit direct knowledge (e.g. smoking or other vices). After such enlightening experiences,
you can make your own choices, and this is the beginning of real freedom!

Excerpt from Esoteric Tantra Lesson 5