Yang spiral meditation

The yang spiral meditation is a worldwide effort of raising the consciousness of the planet and of entering into a superior stage of evolution of humankind. With this experience, every individual can have access to the universal dimension that potentially exists in every soul.

The spiral is charged with multiple symbolic meanings. Many of these meanings include the dynamic interaction between yin and yang.

The yin-yang concept

In Oriental philosophy, and also in the modern scientific paradigm, the manifestation of the Universe always contains a double aspect: light and darkness, sky and earth, positive (+) and negative (-), solar (of the Sun) and lunar (of the Moon). In the Eastern thought, the solar, positive, male aspect is called yang, and the lunar, negative, female aspect is called yin. These two concepts are in fact the expression of the Universal complementarities and dualism.

The clearest example of this duality is the electric current: we all know that in order to have electricity we need a positive pole and a negative pole. Only together can they produce electrical power. The same thing stands true for the yin-yang concept. Yin and yang cannot be separate: their mysterious rhythm, their subtle alternation makes up the very life of the Universe.

Source of creation

The yang-spiral expresses the luminous, solar, dynamic and optimistic energy. When moving along the arm of this spiral in a counterclockwise sense, it is just natural to reach the center, which represents the Source of Creation from which everything that exists started and to which it will return. The yang-spiral thus represents the circular centripetal movement of returning to the center.

The yang-spiral is related to the movement of spiritual evolution leading to liberation from the cycle of reincarnations, while the yin-spiral is related to the movement of involution and enchainment to the wheel of reincarnation, since it gets further away from the center.

Natural patterns

The spiral is often seen in nature: the snail shell is a well known example. The symbolism of the spiral is scientifically funded by the mathematical theory of the logarithmic spiral and of the Golden Number, or Fibonacci series. This Golden Number was discovered by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (c. 1170 – c. 1240), also called Leonardo of Pisa. Fibonacci numbers have many interesting properties and are widely used in mathematics. Natural patterns, such as the spiral growth of leaves on some trees, often exhibit the Fibonacci series. A corollary of this is the well-known fractal structures and the discovery of fractal geometry.

Arrangement of the Zodiac signs

In this meditation, the participants (paired up man-woman) are holding hands and are arranged according to the succession of the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. As a result of this arrangement, complex phenomena of resonance take place both with the beneficial flow of the yang energy and with the beneficial aspects of each of the 12 zodiac signs and of the subtle flow of their respective ruling planets. As a result, the subtle aura of each participant is charged with beneficial energy that balances and heals at a very deep level, accelerating in the same time the spiritual evolution of consciousness.

Directly proportional with the size (area) of the spiral and the number of participants, each person can thus have the direct experience of an intense state of bliss. Each person represents then a miniature replica of the Perfect Cosmic Human Being. During this yang-spiral, each participant (regardless of his or her astrological sign) can experience the beneficial aspects of all the 12 zodiacal signs.