Open house Sundays

Meditations, lectures, movies and spirals – Sundays at NATHA YOGACENTER

We open our doors some Sundays and everyone is welcome to have a cup of tea, meet likeminded people and enjoy a Yang spiral meditation, lecture or film. Below are the dates of our open house. At the bottom of this page is a list of possible subjects for lectures; what do you want to hear about?

All our Sunday meetings are free for the students of Natha Yogacenter and for the students of the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. Everyone else is welcome for the fee of 1000 isk. All our meetings take place in a relaxed and warm atmosphere while enjoying a cup of tea and the company of other seekers on the spiritual path.

Movies, lectures, workshops and Yang spiral meditations 2022, Natha Yogacenter Reykjavik. Send an email to if you wish to attend online. 

We keep lectures on a range of subjects related to spirituality and personal development. Below are some subjects of our lectures; what do you want to hear about? Send us a mail at and recommend a subject for the next open house.

“The mystery of the subconscious”
What is happening in the part of our mind that is out of our reach?

”Be Here Now”
Being here and now is staying in reality, since all else is mental concepts.

“Awakening the Soul”
Means to rest in our true center and understand what is REALLY happening.

“How to control the labyrinth of the mind”
Our mind seems to have a will of its own and doesn’t always obey our wishes.

“The liberating state of orgasm”
Can we use orgasm for something else than “having fun”?

“The world according to Tantra”
What is Tantra and why has it become famous for sex?

“Making your relationship work”
What can we do to turn negative patterns in our couple relationship?

“What is spirituality?”
Everyone is talking about spirituality; what on earth do they mean?