Bio Resonance Scanning

In this bio resonance scanning, you will have a complete scan of the whole body, followed by a presentation of the areas of imbalance, as well as recommendations for subsequent treatment.


Bio resonance scanning is based on the theory that imbalanced cells and organs in the body emit different electromagnetic waves than the healthy cells and organs.

These different electromagnetic waves are picked up by a machine, which can thereby map all areas in the body where cells and organs are not functioning optimally.

The machine can then send the correct electromagnetic waves back to the imbalanced cells and organs, thereby helping the body to repair these damages itself.

The treatment

The treatment takes place in three phases:

Phase 1

  • The therapist puts a set of headphones on the client.
  • These headphones connect to a machine that emits a series of electromagnetic waves.
  • The machine picks up the frequencies from the resonances the waves have created in the body.
  • Based on these resonances, the machine can identify areas in the body where there are imbalanced cells and organs.
  • After half an hour, the scan is complete and the areas of imbalance are displayed on a computer screen.

Phase 2

  • The result of the scan is reviewed with the therapist.
  • In the imbalanced areas of the body, the therapist makes the machine send the correct electromagnetic waves back to the imbalanced cells and organs.
  • This reversal helps the imbalanced cells and organs to regenerate.

Phase 3

  • Based on recommendations from the machine, the therapist can then suggest further treatments.
  • These suggestions for treatments can include everything from contacting your own doctor, taking food supplements, alternative treatments etc.

After the 2-hour scanning, the client has both had his whole body scanned for imbalanced cells and organs, had an immediate, electromagnetic treatment of these carried out, and received guidance on how to prevent cells and organs from being imbalanced again.

  • 2-hour Bio resonance scanning and evaluation: ISK 29.000,-
  • 1-hour rescanning and follow-up: ISK 12.000,-

Students of Natha Yogacenter Iceland receive 50% discount.

This bio resonance scanning is only available from 6.November – 14.December 2023.

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You can choose to a have an alternative treatment with the crystals device that can be tailored to your need (detox, anti-stress, deep relaxation, aura cleaning etc.)

Price for 1 hour is kr.10.000,-

Students of Natha Yogacenter Iceland receive 50% discount.

About the therapist:

My name is Sanda Sandu, I have practiced yoga for 21 years. I am certified therapist in bioresonamce, reflexology, cranio scacral therapy, therapeutic and ayurvedic massage, tantric massage. I have studied ayurveda – the ancient Indian medicine for 4 years and still learning. I have more than 10 years experience.