Why practise Yoga?

There are many answers to this question. One of the simplest reason is that yoga practice brings happiness. We are all seeking happiness, but most of us have limited our search to the outer world. We seek happiness in fleeting things like money, power, sex or even drugs. Yoga helps us to understand that real happiness can only be found inside ourselves; happiness is a state of being.

Yoga has become famous for its asanas or postures, but only few realize that the postures are merely tools to awaken our own consciousness. Yoga utilizes much more than our body to achieve its goal. Almost everyone has heard of meditation and many know that yoga and meditation have been used with great success by olympic athletes. Why would olympic athletes use yoga and meditation? The answer is simple, because it works!

Yoga offers us unlimited ways to transform our life and destiny into something better. Yoga helps us to expand our consciousness, opening us towards an inner experience of a spiritual nature. The inner sublime dimension that yoga makes possible adds something unique to our life, which helps us discover the true meaning of our existence and brings us out of our dull and limited world.

Yoga is the name of a vast system of personal development that has existed for thousands of years. It builds on the experience of enlightened sages who have themselves practiced and developed the diverse branches of yoga. If practiced correctly and perseveringly, yoga can offer us bodily health and inner harmony. Yoga reveals to us a reality that is more encompassing than the ordinary physical, material world. Through yoga, we can experiment with the fascinating inner dimensions of the mind. Yoga reveals to us, a divine, enlightening vision, which generates euphoric, profound peace and spiritual freedom.

It is not possible to learn yoga from books, nor is it possible to become a master in a few weeks. But properly and persistently performed, guided by skillful teachers, yoga is a powerful tool for transformation.

If you want to learn to know yourself infinitely better and expand your consciousness into happiness and freedom, then you have to dare to do it now! If you do, you will gain everything!


Here are some of the advantages of practicing yoga:

  • eliminates stress
  • improves psychic tensions
  • improves and heals a series of malfunctions of the physical body
  • amplifies memory and mental processes
  • balances all structures of the being
  • stimulates the immune system
  • induces a profound state of calmness and inner peace
  • opens the way towards wisdom
  • frees the being from prejudices, inhibitions and limitations
  • improves the ability to communicate with others
  • harmonizes sexual life
  • dynamizes will
  • amplifies self-confidence
  • it facilitates success
  • it harmonizes the structure of the physical body
  • it strengthens and tones the muscles
  • it increases attention and focus
  • it awakens and amplifies the ability to love

There are no disadvantages!