Tantra for Men

A group for men that want to develop and strengthen their masculine qualities. In modern society the difference between the sexes has almost vanished. This makes it a challenge for men to connect to their natural masculinity.

Tantra is a spiritual system that appreciates the fundamental difference between man and woman. According to tantric philosophy, all men have a masculine core that can be awakened and amplified. The tantric system has numer­ous techniques that can be used by anyone aiming to awaken his masculine essence. When a man starts to develop his natural masculinity he comes closer to his true core and he will experience more harmony, fulfill­ment and joy of living. In the Tantric tradi­tion, the goal for any man’s evolution is to reach the level of “spiritual hero”, called Vira in Sanskrit. We aim to develop natural mas­culine qualities such as courage, self-confidence and discipline and to integrate these qualities into a modern lifestyle.

The teaching consists of a mixture of theory, practise (Yoga, medita­tions and various physical exercises) and homework. You will learn about the unique qualities of the masculine, and how they can be em­powered in practice. You will experience more self-confidence and willpower. Your relations with women will improve. You will feel more comfortable in the role as man and experience more fulfilment and joy in life.

Men will not evolve by meeting and talking. Men have to act! That is why meaningful participation requires that you dedicate some time ev­ery day to practice the techniques given in the course. Only persevering practice leads to success. Come for a free intro lecture