Sacred Sexuality

Have you ever had the feeling that there is more to lovemaking than a short burst of intense pleasure. Do you ever have the intuition that there are dimensions of lovemaking that you haven’t experienced yet. Our sexuality is a vast resource that can transform us profoundly, if used wisely, making us more happy and fulfilled. By awakening our sexual power and using it consciously we can experience blissful states in our being. We can move from a fleeting and dissatisfying state of pleasure during lovemaking to a new peak of pleasure with multiple orgasms. This requires the realization and practice of the secrets behind sexual

The idea came from the East and has been applied for ages by Indian Tantrics and by Chinese Taoists. It used to be a great secret of life; how to make your love flourish and how to become happy and strong by making love. In China this knowledge was reserved for the emperor only. In India the Tantrics transmitted this knowledge personally from master to disciple. In modern times this knowledge has “leaked” out and some Tantric masters have even given it freely saying that sexual continence is well suited for the current time.

Reaching the West, the practice of sexual continence has spread quickly especially during the last decades. Thousands of people have discovered how to make love with sexual continence. Why do you think they do it? Because it is more than worth it!! It is even said that a person that has tasted the ecstasy of lovemaking through sexual continence will never be satisfied with anything less. Experiencing yourself and your lover in an ecstatic dance; bodies and souls merged in a wave of love, with an endless light pouring down, full of divine presence. You reach a place where it is impossible to tell the difference between you and your lover as if you where one and the same blissful consciousness. This is an experience well worth the effort of practicing sexual continence. Perfect control of the sexual energies is required for this to happen. It means that the man has to be in full control of his emission, and the woman needs to master her emissive orgasm and redirect them inwards.

Here are some of the advantages of practicing sexual continence:

  • Makes possible multiple orgasms (both for man and woman) and incredibly elevated pleasure.
  • A state of constant appetite and longing for the lover, they seem not to get enough of one another.
  • Sexual longevity – regeneration and rejuvenation.
  • Increased vitality.
  • Elimination of feebleness and weakness after lovemaking.
  • Psychic balance, increased creativity, awakening of intelligence.
  • Increased charm, for both man and woman.
  • Elimination of undesired pregnancy.
  • Considerable decrease of the woman’s menstruation and of its unpleasant sideffects.
  • Many women will finally experience orgasm.
  • Natural breast enlargement for women.
  • Moreover we get a chance to awaken ourselves as spiritual beings in a superior understanding of love and life.

Course duration; 12 times 2 hours.
Price 35 000,- kr. pr. person or 60 000,- kr. for a couple
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