NATHA YOGACENTER is one of few yoga schools today offering an in-depth training program in yoga and meditation which is combining theory and practice from different esoteric traditions. In every lesson we will go through a theoretical aspect of yoga and written material will be given. Intensive yoga is a complete yoga system that gives you a valuable tool to harmoniously awaken all aspects of your being.

The structure of the course

The Intensive Yoga course is an ongoing program that extends over many years. You can take a break from the course at any time and still be in possession of many tools for your spiritual development.

Each class lasts two hours and includes both theory and practice. The theoretical part explains the medical and psychological effects of each technique in detail. The theory also gradually presents the fundamentals of the yogic philosophy, in a way that is easy to understand for the western mind. Written materials are given out after each class.

In the practical part we initially teach asanas (physical postures) then pranayama (breathing exercises) and as the class advances, we teach various meditation techniques and other methods from the yogic lore.

In this intensive yoga course we offer an in-depth study of yogic philosophy, both from the theoretical and practical point of view. In this course you learn physical postures to balance inner energy, relaxation techniques to quickly eliminate stress, dietary recommendation for a healthy life, breathing techniques for calming the mind and meditation techniques for contacting your inner self.

Components in the Intensive Yoga course

In the thousand year old yogic tradition there is a distinction between different forms of yoga, that aims for the common goal of Absolut beingness and a completion of the human being. Among these different forms of yoga are:

  1. HATHA YOGA – The most known form of yoga in the West. It is based on creating balance between the fundamental polarities in the human being; between the solar “HA” (masculine) and the lunar “THA” (feminine) energies. It aims at mastering and completing the physical body by rebuilding and maintaining good health and to reach full control of the vital energies.
  2. KARMA YOGA – A form of yoga that brings the human being in resonance with the Highest Absolute. The fruits of the actions are consecrated to the Divine.
  3. BHAKTI YOGA – Yoga for universal love, devotion and unconditional surrender to God.
  4. RAJA YOGA – Yoga for merging with the Cosmic Consciousness aiming at increasing the mental capacities and opening the 3rd eye (Ajna Chakra).
  5. JNANA YOGA – The yoga of knowledge for merging with the endless power of the universe.
  6. MANTRA YOGA – Yoga that creates a resonance with the subtle energies of the Universe with the aid of a subtle sound.
  7. TANTRA YOGA – Yoga for the powerful expansion of the consciousness, that is integrated in a complex series of techniques and procedures. One of these techniques makes use of the sexual energy to accelerate the spiritual developement. This happenes through the transmutation and sublimation of the sexual creative potential for both men and women.
  8. KUNDALINI YOGA – Yoga for the awakening and control of the enormous power which is the fundamental energy of the human being. It exists in its latent form at the base of the spine and is known as Kundalini Shakti.
  9. YANTRA YOGA – Yoga for the telepatic fusion with certain universal energies with the help of geometric figures (Yantras).

Open class on Wednesdays 17.30 – 19.30

First class is a free trial lesson.