Tantric counseling for couples

Tantric counseling is an offer for every couple that wish to improve their relationship and for couples that are facing obstacles in their relationship. The Tantric consultation is focused especially on removing the sexual problems in the relationship. The sexuality is a very clear reflection of the couple and when working on removing problems, it is healing the relationship in itself. The focus is on maintaining the attraction, the passion and the love.

Many problems are caused by lack of attention, harmony and understanding. In the consultation we will give directions on how to break the routines, re-establish the harmony and gain mutual understanding of each other. Simply how to make your lover happy and open the heart.



Counseling for individuals

Spiritual counseling will give you a broader perspective on your life situation and give you new inspiration and ideas to the challenges you are facing in your every day life or in your spiritual practice. When we are confronted with challenges that make us suffer emotionally and mentally be it fear, anger, sadness, fixated behavior, despair, emptiness etc., it may be difficult to find the way alone, but getting clarity on the situation with the help of another person, can bring us from a condition of spiritual blindness to the brilliant joy of spiritual existence.

This personal counseling is done on the background of tantric and yogic principles that Serafim and Magdalena are living.