Awakening the Heart

Awakening the Heart is a special workshop that will help you to get in connection with your own heart and ability to love.

Experiments have shown that love is an essential part of human development, and that we cannot mature properly without it.

There are plenty of reasons to want to awaken our heart, the greatest of those is to get to know yourself better, for in your heart lies your true essence. But here are some other reasons for wanting to participate in this workshop and awaken our hearts

The heart makes us human. – The human being is driven by the survival instinct, but we can override it; unlike animals we take care of our old and sick. Our sexual instinct takes care of the propagation of our species, but our heart gives us the emotion of Love.

The heart gives us Love. – Love is not an instinct, but it can awaken spontaneously in a human being with an open heart. Love makes us see the real value in each other; Love creates a bond between people based on friendship and devotion, it helps us to understand our fellow men and to put ourselves in their place.

The heart is our emotional intelligence. – Our heart works as an emotional intelligence, it tells us that others also have feelings and helps us to understand them. The heart is said to be strong in right but weak in wrong; it is like a moral compass that always shows us what is right and just.

The heart can bring us the ecstasy of Love. – Those who have loved will testify to the fact that Love is one of the greatest emotion a human being can experience. A Loving Heart is one of the greatest gifts of being alive. But normal human love is only the beginning; Love can become Universal and when that happens, the whole world becomes an object of your Love.


In this event, you will gain access to a vast knowledge combined with practical exercises that will give you an experience of the beauty of your Heart.

Price 11.900, Kr –¬†Early Bird by 16. October 9.900,- kr.¬†(If the price is a challenge, please contact us)

Vegan/vegetarian Lunch and tea included.

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