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Weekend Workshop

The 5 Koshas and the 7 Chakras

In this workshop we go through all the Koshas (subtle bodies) and Chakras (energy centers) in the human being.

Usually we do not pay much attention to who we are and what makes up our being; we are more or less blind to the components that we are composed of.

The yogic tradition explains that the human being consists of 5 sheaths that exist on 7 levels of experience. Or said in another way, the human being has 5 antennas that all perceive existence on 7 different levels of frequency.

If this sounds strange it is because our western way of thinking about things usually does not include ourselves as a part of our own perception. We are usually blind to our own existence while we are absorbed by the object of our perception.

But if we take a look at ourselves it seems obvious that we have a physical body which is different from our thoughts and emotions. We also have an experience of our inner energy; we notice if we are fresh and “full” of energy or if we are tired and “drained” of energy.

These are three of the five sheaths of the human being mentioned above. Everyone can have a direct and immediate contact to all the sheaths and all the 7 levels of vibration but most of us are limited to what is familiar and known. Nevertheless the existence of the 5 sheaths or antennas and their functioning on 7 different levels of vibration will be obvious to most when it is pointed out and explained.

Then we can start practicing to recognize the sheaths and energy centers in ourselves and how to make use of them in order to understand ourselves and others more profoundly. That will lead us on the path of yoga and Tantra where we tune the different sheaths and balance the 7 energy centres in order to invoke permanent self awareness.

  • Saturday January 26th – 10:00 – 18:00
  • Sunday January 27th – 10:00 – 17:00