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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a yoga course for pregnant women and future mothers. This course will give you the necessary tools and support in order to have a harmonious pregnancy and the possibility to transform the commonly believed experience of pain into an ecstatic experience of giving birth. Starting from the first day of conception the mother communicates with the child through various non-verbal languages as emotions, thoughts and energy. Because mothers are used to work until the advanced stages of pregnancy they are exposed daily to stress and anxiety which are influencing deeply the child. One of the first beneficial effects of practicing yoga is the release of daily stress and reducing the risk of contamination of the child with negative energy. During the 12 classes we will practice Asana – adequate physical postures, pranayama – the briefing control techniques, yogic relaxation, Yoga Nidra and meditation. All of these will help mothers to relax, improve the body tone, to balance hormones and to create a wonderful communion and communication with the child.

Gilberta has been studying and practicing yoga in this school for over 22 years. And she still loves being a student aside with the wonderful opportunity of being a teacher in this school. Sharing with others this valuable spiritual knowledge is a great joy to her.